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Created 300 hours of e-learning courses

Now deployed nationwide in schools, universities, homes.
Serving 50,000 users in 50 states

With interactive courses on personal excellence.
Developing e-Learning and automating content

For corporate, small business, higher ed, K12, non-profit.
Founded 3 e-Learning start-ups

Productized, deployed, marketed, and monetized.
Innovating content methods and models

Extraction, modeling, automation, hosting, and curation.
Launched HP’s global online engineering education in '96

Educator's Corner still going strong today, 16 years later.
Serving end-to-end instructional design

Design, authoring, rendering, user experience.

Full Service e-Learning Development and User Experience

I’m Bob Berry and my Copper Creek Consulting practice provides leading-edge e-learning development, instructional design, hosting, and innovative content automation.  With 25 years of experience in distance learning and interactive education, in major corporations, for non-profits, for K12, and with my own ventures and start-ups, I’ve built my e-learning research, design, and development approach on proven essentials of effective user experience and the assumption that almost all online activity is about learning. 

Today, there is strong and growing demand to produce the best distance learning systems for the many core e-learning initiatives underway in business, government, public and private education, and increasingly, for motivated and self-directed individuals.  All education, at all levels and types – a $1 Trillion market in the U.S. alone – is rapidly moving online as the Internet revolutionizes all traditional forms of media: books, music, movies, television, art, and entertainment.

I’ve been developing interactive learning systems, content, business models, and processes since the early days of the web, when I lead the teams that built Hewlett-Packard’s first global engineering education community and gathered engineering content from universities worldwide and first brought it online.  And my recent e-learning ventures have created hundreds of hours of original courses, used by tens of thousands of students nationwide.

To succeed in this realm requires a holistic, comprehensive, integrated methodology:

  1. Find, extract, model, or author original quality content,
  2. Then get it built, converted to interactive, automated, and rendered,
  3. Then get it online, effective, tested, and out into the world to impact users.

e-Learning is exploding, driven by economics, dramatically improved development tools, engaging new platforms and software, and the inexorable drive of individuals to grow, improve, and learn.   I have the experience, the national user baser, the tools and systems, and the partners.   I can help!


For full details on Bob Berry, e-Learning Consultant, and Copper Creek Consulting e-Learning services, click to download this overview document

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